Refactor Your Body
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Refactor Your Body is a podcast produced by DevLifts aiming to provide valuable information and interviews for developers to help you live a healthy life and stay motivated on your fitness journey.

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    10 — 💪 Scaling Inverted Rows

    In this episode, we answer a question from Dan Wagner, a member of our Slack community, about scaling inverted rows.

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    9 — Preventing boredom with your diet

    In this episode, we answer a question from Chris Myers on Twitter about hitting your macros but preventing boredom with eating the same thing over and over again.

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    006 — 🏋️ Gym Etiquette

    Uh oh! Thad gets in trouble at the gym, plus some discussion on gym etiquette and the utter brand loyalty of Crossfitters to Reebok.

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    004 — Ryan Carson of Treehouse

    Ryan Carson, Founder & CEO of Treehouse, shares about his fitness journey including his current training regiment he uses to stay in tip-top shape for Spartan Races.

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    003 — Justin Bergen of Five3 Apps

    In this episode, Justin Bergen, an iOS wearables consultant, discusses his fitness experience and how it has helped him along as a developer.

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